Students will learn exciting, new ways of communicating?

Students will benefit from creating talk shows, sports reports, radio drama, book reviews and discussing issues that matter to them in a fresh, vibrant format?

Create a promotional vehicle to celebrate news of your school’s achievements, sporting, academic, social and cultural? All broadcast in real time to your school, families and the wider school community?

Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, radio gives your students a voice within their school.

Why School Radio?

School Radio is now an everyday part of education for hundreds of UK Primary and Secondary Schools, Further and Higher Education, Colleges and Universities. We are rolling out that concept to Schools in Ireland. Radio provides an exciting and engaging medium for your students to develop their communication skills, build confidence and discuss the issues that are important to them.

A School Radio station can become a focal point for your school where students can express their views in a safe environment, promoting inclusion and a great sense of community.  It will also aid teachers in achieving the five key skills of Senior Cycle.

Your presenters will learn key technical expertise as well as exploring creative writing, communication skills and developing speaking and listening skills. It will help build an inclusive atmosphere in the school and encourage teamwork throughout.

What Your Students Will Gain From School Radio

  • Build confidence and self esteem.
  • Improved speaking and listening skills.
  • Learn to write creative scripts and copy.
  • Conduct research into a range of topics.
  • Work as a team.
  • Understand the value of communication.

Plus There Are Many Benefits For The School

  • Improved inclusion for pupils and staff providing a cross school communications platform.
  • Better engagement with your students.
  • Aid teachers in achieving the five key skills of Senior Cycle
  • Engage students that struggle with more traditional forms of demonstrated learning.
  • Develop a school community.
  • Improve links with your wider community and around the world.
  • Showcase the talents of your pupils.

But How Do You Broadcast?
There are several different ways in which a School Radio system could work in your school. Many schools use a combination of these to get the results they want.

  • Internet radio (most popular)
  • Podcasting (on demand shows)
  • Speakers around your school.
  • Or Interactive whiteboards in the classrooms.
  • Access via mobile devices (iPads etc).
  • Short term FM broadcasts to the whole area.

What Will You Need?

Whether you are a radio station in a primary school or a national broadcaster, all radio stations need some core equipment in order to run. This includes:

  • Broadcast mixing desk.
  • Computer playout system (to play music and record content).
  • Microphones.
  • Speakers & Headphones.
  • A ‘mic live’ light.
  • A transmission method.

Our team can install and maintain  all of the above.

 What About The Legal Requirements?

The majority or School Radio stations use the internet as their prime broadcast method combined with streaming around the school network and playing through speakers in key areas. You will not need a broadcast license to do any of these things, in fact the only time you need a broadcast license is if you are on FM or DAB. However you will need a small webcasters Licence for music licensing.
Whichever method you choose for your School Radio station, if you use commercial music (and your students will want to) then you will need to pay some music royalty licenses to PPI. Thankfully these licenses are not too expensive with a typical school paying the standard licence fee of 213.36 a year for a web delivered radio station. We can help you deal with this.

What About Broadcasting on FM?

We have expertise in this area, and can apply on your behalf to the BAI for a temporary 30 day licence each year. Talk to us about costs and requirements.

Is there a way to Showcase our Students Talents?

Absolutely, we plan to launch a Temporary School Radio Station for Dublin in Summer 2018, in association with the School Radio Network. It will broadcast for 30 days (subject to licence) and showcase the talent within the network.

What Is The Next Step?

Contact us today and we can call out to your school to discuss your requirements and set up a plan for getting you on air.